Who We Are

It’s never simply about the project at hand at Nimbus Tech. Building trust is key to ensuring your long-term success. We meet you where you are, integrate our workforce with yours, and continuously impart our knowledge.
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Core Values

  • Doing what’s right
  • Being Ok with having hard conversations
  • Not having good ‘hand-offs’, but great ‘hand-offs’
  • Sharing knowledge
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Impact of NimbusTech

NimbusTech Impact is the solution for clients who are aware of the project outcomes they want to achieve and are looking for flawless execution. Our Impact team completes projects successfully and on schedule and within the allotted funds.

From the outset, our Impact team will collaborate with you to precisely define your success criteria while generating an affordable project schedule. 

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NimbusTech Forward Thinking

NimbusTech Forward Thinking helps us make our clients aware of their needs they may not know they need and provide continued support. To meet both anticipated and unforeseen demands.
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